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Sunday September 29, 2002

5:00 am Jack & Neil leave Los Gatos in Jack's flatbed truck.
9:30 am Jack & Neil arrive in the Anderson Valley at the valley foothill vineyard.  While the truck is being loaded with 6,000 pounds of grapes (for $3,000), Jack & Neil run over to Navarro winery to pick up Neil's wine futures that he bought last year.

They pick up two varieties of Pinot Noir grape, 4,000 lbs of a Beaujolais clone and 2,000 lbs of a Jackson clone.  The brix they measured on the Beaujolais is 23.5 and on the Jackson is 25.

10:00 am John, Sam and Brian start working on organizing the place to make room for the extra juice we'll be getting from the almost free ton of Jackson Pinot.

They made room for the nine primary fermenters, two 30 gallon buckets, and what seems like dozens of smaller containers.

PICT0021.JPG (1910240 bytes)

11:10 Jack & Neil are back on the road heading South to our winery.
1:00 pm
3:45 pm Jack & Neil arrive at the winery (Brian's house).
PICT0019.JPG (2209280 bytes)
Six 1,000 pound bins.  The back four hold the Beaujolais clone Pinot and the front two hold the Jackson.
PICT0020.JPG (3454860 bytes)
Don't they look awesome!  They tasted wonderful too.
So we started by crushing the Beaujolais clone Pinot and transferring it directly into the press.
 PICT0026.JPG (2429300 bytes)
We are going to make champagne and we don't want any skin contact during fermentation.
PICT0024.JPG (2676144 bytes)
We pressed around 1000 pounds of grapes and put all of the juice in primary fermenter #3.
PICT0025.JPG (2874348 bytes)
PICT0027.JPG (2557096 bytes)
Here's fermenter #3.  Doesn't look very appetizing, does it?
PICT0029.JPG (2671924 bytes)
Now that fermenter #3 is full of skinless juice, we take the skins and seeds from the press and distribute them among the other Beaujolais fermenters.
PICT0030.JPG (2628888 bytes)
PICT0031.JPG (2530420 bytes)
Neil opened up a couple of bottles of his Pinot that he had on reserve with Navarro.  Excellent!  We are all sure that this is what our wine is going to taste like.
PICT0034.JPG (2334936 bytes)
After crushing the 4,000 pounds of Beaujolais clone Pinot, it is now time to crush the Jackson clone Pinot.
PICT0037.JPG (2661896 bytes)
Two more tons to crush...
PICT0036.JPG (2446684 bytes)
Motor controller paid for itself.  Oh yeah, it was free.
PICT0032.JPG (2332200 bytes)
We ran out of primary fermenters and had to make do with anything that would hold the weight.  The liner is two layers of food-grade polyethylene. 
PICT0038.adjusted.jpg (4727625 bytes)
Got to keep good notes!  Especially since we have two varieties of grape and two fermentation methods.
Pictures of the crew.  Boy were we tired!
PICT0042.JPG (2343588 bytes)
PICT0043.adjusted.jpg (4078636 bytes)
Now outside...  We look tired, but feel worse.
PICT0046.adjusted.jpg (4986054 bytes)
PICT0047.adjusted.jpg (5121973 bytes)
8:00 pm Finally finished, with everything in the fermenters.  Now we clean up.  Luckily Brian has a pressure washer and we were done by 8:30.
8:30 pm Time to have some dinner.  Jeff made some awesome Chicken and Andoui gumbo!  We wanted to get a picture of everyone in the coop, but Bill had to leave for Munich at 6:00.


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