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Now that the cap has fallen, we are ready to separate the fermented juice from the skins and seeds.  We use a traditional mechanical press.

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Brian and Jack pump the holding solution out of the barrels, preparing them for the wine. After the holding solution is pumped out, we roll the barrels over so that the bung hole is down allowing the remaining liquid to drain out.

PICT0011.JPG (2322356 bytes)
Close up view of the "bulldog pup" pump.  It pressurizes the barrel with Nitrogen (or in this case air) and this pushes the liquid out of the big hose.

PICT0008.cropped.jpg (4443101 bytes)
Neil's taking care of business.  The business end of the big hose.

PICT0013.JPG (2580788 bytes)
After pouring the contents of the more than three primary fermenters through the press (which uses the skins as filter medium), me begin pressing.  If you look carefully where Neil is pointing you can see the wine flowing out.

PICT0014.JPG (2602248 bytes)
After pressing it down as much as we dare, we unhook the sides of the press... 

PICT0023.JPG (2872840 bytes)
This exposes the compressed skins and seeds.  Sort of looks like a cake doesn't it.

PICT0025.JPG (2947700 bytes)
Then we use a pitch fork to get that stuff out of there...

PICT0026.JPG (2337172 bytes)
Now we clean up...

PICT0028.JPG (2287188 bytes)
Barrels #1 and #2.

PICT0027.JPG (1990976 bytes)
Barrels #3 and #4.

PICT0029.JPG (2492860 bytes)
And barrel #5

PICT0031.JPG (1892204 bytes)
This barrel is too full...  There's wine up the stem of the fermentation lock.

PICT0033.JPG (2582240 bytes)
The motley crew (except John who took the pictures).  Isn't that a wonderful color that the tops of the press took on?

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