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Saturday September 14, 2002

8:00 am Jack & Neil leave Los Gatos in Jack's flatbed truck (after stopping at Starbucks so Neil can get his 32oz caffeine dose).
10:30 am Jack & Neil arrive in Gonzales at the ??? vineyard.  There they meet with Mark Manzano.  While the truck is being loaded with 4,218 pounds of grapes (for $4,000), Mark treats Jack & Neil to a taste of wines he made last year.  Neil says that if our wine turns out half as good as this, we will be very happy.
11:00 am Jack & Neil are back on the road heading North to the Santa Cruz mountains that we call home.  They realize that they had forgotten to measure the sugar content and instead of stopping, Neil climbs out the window and grabs a cluster!  He measures the level at 23.8 brix.  Excellent!
1:00 pm Jack & Neil arrive at the winery (Brian's house).
PICT0001.JPG (2592368 bytes)

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PICT0003.JPG (3588436 bytes)
Don't they look awesome!  They tasted wonderful too.
PICT0018.JPG (2424244 bytes)
And we start unloading the grapes one blue bucket at a time...
PICT0015.JPG (2473968 bytes)
Next we schlep the bucket (~80 pounds)  over to the stemmer/crusher.
PICT0020.JPG (2726628 bytes)
Into the stemmer/crusher they go...
PICT0008.JPG (3075716 bytes)
PICT0005.JPG (2850520 bytes)
What a FINE piece of equipment this is!  Crushed grapes go down and into the red bucket.
PICT0013.JPG (2197632 bytes)
PICT0010.JPG (2035704 bytes)
At the end go the stems with some skins on them.
PICT0021.JPG (3264484 bytes)
Of course the machine took constant attention...  Where's your hand Chuck?
PICT0024.JPG (2494908 bytes)
And Neil seemed to enjoy helping the crushed grapes into the bucket.
PICT0011.JPG (2046864 bytes)
When the bucket got full, we fed the machine another bucket.
PICT0043.JPG (1808089 bytes)
Yum.  Now a little Potassium Metabisulfite to kill the native yeasts and other critters that might be in that red bucket.
PICT0012.JPG (2225112 bytes)
PICT0038.JPG (1683096 bytes)
Next the red buckets get poured into the primary fermenters.
PICT0025.JPG (2007548 bytes)
PICT0027.JPG (3047852 bytes)
Almost full.  We filled up nine of these 60 gallon barrels and 12 gallons of starter.
PICT0028.JPG (3595016 bytes)
Up close.  Isn't it yummy looking?
PICT0026.JPG (2835793 bytes)
We're starting to get quite a pile of stems...
PICT0032.JPG (2396508 bytes)
Now Jeff's forking, and loading the bucket full for Chuck.  Heavy enough for you Chuck?  
PICT0033.JPG (2988712 bytes)
Karl is helping the hopper be more efficient and he still has all ten fingers.
Here's a movie of the process:

Click on the image to play the movie.
PICT0031.JPG (2745784 bytes)
PICT0045.JPG (3262538 bytes)
Now we've got an even bigger pile of stems!
PICT0035.JPG (2007480 bytes)
Neil's mixing the primary fermenters.
PICT0037.JPG (2412600 bytes)
PICT0039.JPG (2004192 bytes)
Twelve 6-packs were consumed during the crushing process (and dinner).
PICT0047.JPG (2278924 bytes)
Chuck doesn't look like he's just carried 3,000 pounds of grapes one bucket at a time, but he has.
PICT0048.JPG (1758876 bytes)
Nine primary fermenter barrels filled.
PICT0050.JPG (3096108 bytes)
Starting to work already.
PICT0029.JPG (2014092 bytes)
Brian's got his puncher ready...
4:00 pm Finally finished, with everything in the fermenters.  Now we clean up.  Luckily Brian has a pressure washer and we were done by 5.
5:00 pm Time to finish the beers and drink some wine!

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