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Here are the details of the process so far:


4218 lbs of Pinot ($4,000)
1 tsp of Potassium Metabisulfite per 11 gallons (they talk like this is light, but Brian is mildly allergic to sulfites)
1 pound of premier Curvee yeast
   "Premier Curvee : Also known as Prise de Mousse, this is a Champagne yeast that is strong acting, low foaming and therefore qualified for barrel fermentations. It imparts a strong yeasty aroma and is useful for secondary fermentation in both still and sparkling wine production. Good for reds and whites alike and for restarting stuck or sluggish fermentations." (winemaking.jackkeller.net)


12 gallons of juice, 6 gallons from the beginning and 6 gallons from the end.
2 ounces of yeast in each 4 gallon starter bucket

What We Expect:

Each ton should make 100 gallons, which is 550 bottles.  So we should expect almost 92 cases total.  This is a little more than 13 cases each.

Punching Schedule:

Morning (5:00 am) - Brian Gardiner
Noon (1:00 pm) - Penny Sawyer
Afternoon (5:00 pm) - Neil Perrelli
Night (10:30 pm) - Sam Sawyer



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