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September 16th through the 27th we punched down the cap three to four times a day.  At first the cap was quite hard to break up, but by the 22nd, the cap was getting very loose.

Barrel_1_Before.JPG (2879808 bytes)
Ready to punch down

Barrel_1_Getting Ready.JPG (2994296 bytes)
The stainless-steel stirrer thingy

Barrel_1_Pushing.JPG (3131248 bytes)
Pushing.  It is surprising how hard the cap is...

Barrel_1_CO2.JPG (3377228 bytes)
Punching the cap releases all of the CO2 that was trapped under all those skins and seeds.

These two pictures show how much the cap gets pushed up in just 4 hours:
Barrell_2_Before.JPG (3090632 bytes)
Barrel_2_After.JPG (3052812 bytes)

Closeup.JPG (3381020 bytes)
Close Up
Closeup2.JPG (3131736 bytes)
Extreme Close Up
Closeup3.jpg (2774260 bytes)
More Extreme Close Up
Closeup4.JPG (2866516 bytes)
Most Extreme Close Up

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