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While we were waiting for the Anderson grapes to arrive Brian and John topped up the barrels with press juice from the glass jars.  These pictures show the process:

PICT0012.JPG (2173388 bytes)
Pull off the fermentation lock and see if the level is low.  This one is fine.

Barrels 2, 3 & 4 needed topping up though.
PICT0013.JPG (2030816 bytes)
Pour some juice from the glass into a pitcher and then into the barrel.

PICT0014.JPG (2202272 bytes)
Then put the fermentation lock back in place.  Don't want to let too much air in there...

PICT0015.JPG (2216944 bytes)

PICT0016.JPG (2307460 bytes)
Yep, that one's full.


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