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Pinot Noir
Cabernet Sauvignon

In 2002, our first year as a cooperative, we fermented just Pinot Noir.  2 tons from the central coast appellation - near Monterey, and 3 tons from the Anderson valley appellation (two Beaujolais clone and one Jackson clone).

In 2003, we branched out and got 2 tons of Syrah and 2 tons of Merlot in one big shipment.  It was the most we had done at one time.  We crushed and processed a ton of grapes each hour.  Pretty good for a bunch of old men...

In 2004, we got 1.5 tons of Zinfandel, 2 tons of Cabernet Sauvignon, and some assorted blending grapes for the Cab (0.4 tons Cabernet Franc, 0.4 tons Merlot, 0.5 tons Malbec).


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