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September 28, 2003

We received the Merlot and Syrah at the same time so it was crushed at the same time.

Jack and Betty picked up the grapes and had trouble.  One of the vineyards didn't have a forklift and they had to put 2000 pounds of grapes up on the truck one fork at a time. Needless to say they were a little late.

PICT0004.JPG (555632 bytes)
PICT0006.JPG (578970 bytes)
After all the carrying we did last time we built a contraption so that we could just throw the buckets on the rollers and they would roll down to the stemmer-crusher.
PICT0009.JPG (724545 bytes)
The truck finally arrives and Jack backs it exactly in place.  2 inches from the rollers.
PICT0010.JPG (574336 bytes)
Four 500 pound bins of Merlot and four bins of Syrah.
PICT0011.JPG (436303 bytes)
So now we need to fork it into buckets.
PICT0013.JPG (441842 bytes)
Starting with the Syrah...
PICT0014.JPG (414209 bytes)
Here's the first bucket.  Everybody has to take a taste...
PICT0016.JPG (361632 bytes)
Now we begin running it through the stemmer-crusher.
PICT0017.JPG (424612 bytes)
So now we move bucket after bucket from the truck.
PICT0018.JPG (471216 bytes)
This time we decided to haul away the stems instead of letting them pile up.
PICT0019.JPG (342636 bytes)

PICT0022.JPG (310420 bytes)
Two bins crushed and the light is failing us.
PICT0023.JPG (323854 bytes)
Slide the buckets off the truck and onto the rollers.
PICT0024.JPG (390983 bytes)
Looks like Karl has found a really nice cluster.
PICT0025.JPG (242301 bytes)
What a beauty!
PICT0026.JPG (202730 bytes)
Now that the Syrah is crushed, we start on the Merlot.
PICT0027.JPG (332647 bytes)
And we crush and crush...
PICT0030.JPG (344727 bytes)
and crush...
PICT0033.JPG (387031 bytes)
PICT0034.JPG (289738 bytes)
Brian adding Sulfites.
PICT0036.JPG (262464 bytes)
Bill taking his turn at forking.  Bill and Sam must have each forked out two tons.
PICT0037.JPG (284086 bytes)
Pouring the crush into the primary fermenters.
PICT0038.JPG (412474 bytes)
The light failed us hours ago and we were finally getting to the end!
PICT0039.JPG (298430 bytes)
We found several halves of playing cards in the bins of Merlot.  Don't really know why...
Movie of unloading the truck into the crusher (7199 kB).
More unloading showing the rollers in action (4831 kB).

September 2, 2004

We pumped all the Merlot (except the barrel that had Candida mycoderma) into holding tank: 2002-03, 2002-05, S06, & S23.

September 5, 2004

Bottled 89 cases of Merlot from the blending tank.


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