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On August 3rd, 2003 we bottled the wine that we had put in the blending tank the week before.  Quite a day's work.  We bottled 95.5 cases.  That's 1,146 bottles!

Here are some pictures of the day and a couple of videos of the assembly line we set up.

PICT0002.JPG (2941436 bytes)
First we had to wash the bottles.  The bottle tree on the left has sodium metabisulfite and the one right has citric acid.  Washing with these chemicals completely sterilizes the bottles.


PICT0009.JPG (2525624 bytes)
Neil took his job very seriously.
PICT0011.JPG (2215252 bytes)
This is maybe a third of the cases that we went through...
PICT0012.JPG (2963580 bytes)
One tree is full, so it is time to start filling the bottles up.
PICT0016.JPG (2709504 bytes)
Filling the first bottle.
PICT0017.JPG (2236712 bytes)
Corking the first bottle.
PICT0018.JPG (2361540 bytes)
The finished product!
Okay, now everybody get to work.
PICT0019.JPG (2632780 bytes)
The assembly line.
PICT0023.JPG (2319580 bytes)
That's 1200 corks.  It's hard to believe that by the end of the day we had just 50 left.
PICT0029.JPG (2515228 bytes)
Fill those bottles up...
PICT0025.JPG (2080784 bytes)
The storage area is filling up...
PICT0030.JPG (2714824 bytes)
With three different sizes of bottles, Karl & Suzanne had to be careful which bottle went in which box.
PICT0026.JPG (2003492 bytes)
Uh oh, Bill's counting the boxes...
PICT0039.JPG (2089077 bytes)
This is what 95 cases looks like.
PICT0038.JPG (1880376 bytes)
And, as always, we had to wash everything and put it all away.

Here are some videos of the assembly line in action:

The washing and filling operations (AVI - 9,606kB).

The filling operation (AVI - 9,975kb).

The corking boxing and stacking operations (AVI - 8,956kb).


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