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Eight of us (and our wives) got together and decided to make some wine...  After much discussion we decided on Pinot Noir as a good wine to start with since you don't have to wait too long before you can enjoy it.

Now that we are on our fourth year, the web site is again in need of an update!  Use the buttons on below to move through the site. 

In 2002 we made wine from three sources of grapes: one from the central coast and two from Anderson valley. In 2003 we made Merlot and Syrah.  In 2004 we are making a Zinfandel from San Miguel and a Cabernet Sauvignon blend with components from Ukiah.  In 2005 we decided to not make more wine, but instead focus on improving the winery itself.  Several of us are still making wine with others as we could not stand the idea of a hiatus.

Ever wonder what those terms mean that are used in making wine?  Check them out our glossary.  There are links to it throughout this web site.  Another resource that you might be interested in the Home Winemakers Manual (399 kB pdf).

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