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Pictures and comments on the working sessions

July 27, 2003

Pumping to the Mixing tank

Mixing Tank-.JPG

This is the mixing tank that we pumped 4 barrels into.


Brian and Bill pump the Beaujolais that needs more malo-lactic fermentation into an oak barrel.



October 20, 2002


DSCN0068.jpg (1127944 bytes)

Pumping the wine from oak to stainless.  The pump is slightly off of the bottom of the barrel so that it won't pull out the sludge too.

DSCN0066.jpg (1184053 bytes)

Jack and Sam sampling some of the "sludge" at the bottom of the barrel.

DSCN0067.jpg (749879 bytes)

And this is the liquid part.  When we rinsed out the barrels cakes of pink chalky stuff came out!

DSCN0070.jpg (1129601 bytes)

Logging and tasting.



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